We have always offered machine services to our customers via sub-contractors, and decided in 2013 that we would invest in our own on-site machine shop to reflect our customers requirement for quality machining.

By having our own machine shop on site we can closely monitor orders and deal promptly with any issues that may have arisen during the process.

In 2014 we applied for and acquired the ISO 9001 2008 quality accreditation, enabling us to offer full quality accreditation for machined parts in line with the rest of the company.

2015 saw further investment with the commissioning of a Hwacheon 8700 lathe with full CNC capability and driven tooling. We will be looking to increase our facilities to able to offer a wider spectrum of machining within the near future. Our machines are operated by experienced machinists with apprentices learning their craft through college maintained apprenticeships, enabling CFL to offer consistent high quality machining services. We are committed to listening to our customers and moving forward with the demands of the industry.

CNC Milling Machines

Units shown in mm

Machine X Max Y Max Z Max
Hartford HV-60 1400 700 600
Eumech EBM with 4th Axis 2150 1400 1100
Cincinati 10HC-1000 twin pallet horizontal Mcahing centre 1000 1000 800

CNC Turning Machines

Units shown in mm

Machine Diameter Min Diameter Max Length Max
Hwacheon HC700   700 1750
Webster Bennett Vertical Turret Lathe 600 1370