Lloyds Registered Cast Iron Foundry

Cerdic Foundries Ltd (CFL) are one of only a few UK cast iron foundries to be Lloyds Registered for marine applications using grey and spheroidal graphite iron. We are the only Lloyds Registered UK foundry for compacted graphite cast iron.

Re-engineering of castings is a key strength of our business. Starting with a sample or partial tooling and using a well established practical approach we can produce CAD models, new patterns and castings including PPAPdocumentation.

Extensive 10,000 SQ Meter manufacturing site producing castings up to 2000kg in the following materials: Austempered Ductile (ADI), Spheroidal Graphite (SGI), Compacted Graphite (CGI), Grey Flake Cast Iron, Corrosion Resistant Iron, Abrasion Resistant White Iron, Aluminium Alloys, Copper based Alloys, Nickel Aluminium Bronze Castings and High Chrome heat resistant steels.

Comprehensive in-house pattern making facilities.

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Employing the latest in CNC machining technology.

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On-site heat treatment service for high integrity castings.

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Innovative evaporative pattern casting advancements.

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Continuous investment in extensive production facilities.

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Lloyds approved high quality castings from 1 to 2000 kg.

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Principle Areas of Focus

  • Engine Cylinder blocks in SGI, CGI, CI and Aluminium inline 4 cylinder to V12
  • Engine Cylinder heads in SGI, CGI, CI and Aluminium
  • Pump, compressor and turbo charger bodies
  • Rail traction include 3rd rail consumables
  • Transmission casing and gear wheels
  • Blast furnace and incinerator hot zone consumables
  • Wear parts for shot and sand blast, fragmentation and crusher equipment consumable
  • Typical volumes range from 1offs prototype to low volume production and aftermarket up to 500 parts per year
  • Volume in excess of 20,000 parts per year with our lost foam casting process
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