Reverse Engineering



Cerdic Foundries have many years experience in the reverse engineering or re-engineering of vital castings and legacy parts. From our extensive facilities in the South West we combine a wealth of expertise.

If design models and drawings are not available we can scan a finished component generating a finishing part model. From this we can produce a casting model through adding machining allowance and finally produce a pattern to precise specification.

We then produce a sample and develop the process to produce a casting. Extensive analysis is performed to compare with the sample, both dimensionally and metallurgically. We are committed to quality assurance throughout the process and will carry out and supply full PPAP for our customer’s peace of mind, if required.




Cerdic Foundries have built up an excellent reputation for utilising the latest casting techniques with technical guidance, offering a full re-engineering solution.

We have a proven track record of reverse engineering castings & parts that deliver a performance benefit in terms of cost & lead times. Over the years we have worked on a number of projects for varying applications used throughout the UK and worldwide.

For friendly advice and service on how we can help with legacy projects or castings that need re-engineering, please do get in touch.