Chemical Analysis of Castings and Alloys | UK Foundry

Optical Emission Spectrometer

The new SpectroMAXx uses the very latest in digital technology to provide very accurate analysis of metals, quickly and efficiently.

The instrument is very user friendly with easy operation, with this in mind a purpose built laboratory has been built in the melting plant which allows the Furnacemen to carry out analysis of every melt before releasing the melt for casting.



With the analysis of all melts being checked before casting any necessary adjustments to the analysis can be identified and the amount of corrective alloys calculated by the intergrated “Charge correction” software built into the instrument.

Using the latest in software the results of each analysis are stored not only on the instrument but on the companies main computer system so that analytical certificates can be produced quickly and efficiently. The software also allows for many types of statistical process control to be performed.


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