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Castings in Various Material Grades

Cerdic Foundries offers castings in various material grades to meet the specific requirements of the electronics industry. Whether you need castings in iron, aluminium, or other suitable alloys, we have the expertise and capabilities to provide the optimal material for your electronic components. Our extensive knowledge and experience in different material grades ensure the desired performance, strength, and durability of your castings.

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Small and Large Castings

We understand that the electronics industry requires both small and large castings to meet different application needs. At Cerdic Foundries, we have the flexibility and capacity to produce castings of varying sizes. Whether it’s intricate small castings or larger components, our advanced facilities and skilled personnel can deliver high-quality castings that meet your specifications.

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In-House Machining, Assembly, and Finishing

To provide a seamless manufacturing process, we offer in-house machining, assembly, and finishing services for electronic components. Our skilled machinists and technicians utilise advanced equipment and techniques to carry out precise machining, assembly, and finishing of our castings. By having these capabilities in-house, we ensure that the final components are of the highest quality and ready for integration into electronic systems.

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