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CAD Design and Pattern Making

We offer comprehensive CAD design and pattern making services to bring your innovative ideas to life. Our skilled team of designers utilises the latest software and tools to create precise and detailed designs. With our expertise in pattern making, we can produce high-quality patterns that ensure accurate and consistent castings for your new technology applications.

Large Castings Foundry UK

Large Sand Castings Facility

To accommodate the needs of new technologies, we operate a large sand castings facility. Our extensive foundry allows us to produce castings in various shapes & sizes, enabling us to meet the unique requirements of new innovation parts and equipment. With our advanced technology and experienced craftsmen, we can deliver high-quality castings that meet the demands of cutting-edge technologies.

Large Castings Foundries UK

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In-House Machining and Finishing Services

To provide a streamlined manufacturing process, we offer in-house machining and finishing services. Our skilled machinists utilise the latest in CNC machining technology to carry out precise machining and finishing of our castings. By having these capabilities in-house, we can ensure that the final components meet your exact specifications and are ready for integration into your new technology solutions.

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