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State-of-the-Art Foundry

Cerdic Foundries operates from a spacious 10,000 square meter foundry & manufacturing site, equipped with technology. Our expansive facility allows us to accommodate large-scale projects for the renewable sector. We can  produce small & large finished castings at cost effective prices. With our robust infrastructure, we have the capacity to handle projects that require castings weighing up to 2000kg.

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In-House Design, Pattern Making, Machining & Processing

To provide a streamlined and efficient manufacturing process, we offer in-house design, pattern making, machining, and processing services. Our dedicated team of experts utilises the latest systems & equipment to develop precise designs, create high-quality patterns, and carry out precise machining and processing of our castings. By having these capabilities in-house, we maintain greater control over the quality and timelines of our products.

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Expertise in Iron & Aluminium Castings

Cerdic Foundries has extensive experience in both iron and aluminium castings, allowing us to meet the diverse needs of the renewables industry. Whether your project requires the strength and durability of iron or the lightweight properties of aluminium, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality castings that meet your specifications.

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