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Full Design and Pattern Making Service

At Cerdic Foundries, we offer a comprehensive design and pattern making service to meet your transportation needs. Our skilled team of designers utilises advanced software and tools to create precise and detailed designs for your transportation components. With our expertise in pattern making, we can produce high-quality patterns that ensure accurate and consistent castings for your transportation applications.

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In-House Processing Facilities, Machining, and Finishing

To provide a streamlined manufacturing process, we offer in-house processing facilities, machining, and finishing services. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled engineers enable us to carry out a wide range of processes to meet the specific requirements of your transportation components. From casting to machining and finishing, we have the capabilities to deliver high quality, ready-to-install parts.

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Castings in Iron, Aluminium, and Other Material Grades

Cerdic Foundries specialises in producing castings in a variety of material grades, including iron, aluminium, and other suitable alloys for transportation applications. We understand the diverse needs of the transportation industry and offer a range of material options to ensure the optimal performance, strength, and durability of your components.

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